C64 Remix „The Recovery“

16 Mär

Einer der abwechselungsreichsten C64 Remixe, die ich bisher gehört habe.

Es kamen folgende Instrumente zum Einsatz :

Lead Instruments :
Phantastic Soft Drums Rhythm
Soft Synthesizer Pad (0:20)
Wonderful Guitar Arpeggio (0:40)
Nice Uhhhhh Choir (0:42)
Very Coherent Shakuhachi Flute (0:59)
Heavenly Piano (1:18)
Swelling Ohh Choir (1:35)
Romantic Acoustic Guitar (1:37)

Special Instruments :
Taiko Drums (2:56)
Dreamy Summing Choir (3:15)
Gregorian Choir (4:03)
amazing Gregorian Choir and the Taiko Drum Rhythm (4:22)
Trumpet (5:04)
Orchestra Hits (5:09)

Composer : Lars Hoff
Remix : Glyn R Brown
Playing Time : 6 Min 25 Sec

Zum Online-Musik Player (freie Abandonware-Musik)

My rating :
Absolut worldclass performance especially the
amazing Gregorian Choir and the Taiko Drums Sequence (4:22)
with the fantastic bass fundament (from 22.5 Hz to 42.6 Hz).
Excellent arrangement and superior mastering.
Goose bumps and emotions everytime when I hear it
Glyn R. Brown you are a great remix producer!
Truly an epic song! Many thanks !!! God bless you !!!


Taiko Drum

Foto : http://southfreomusic.weebly.com

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